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  History Events (2005)


Guigen Qigong

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Doctor Group Guided by  Mr. Zhang Chongjiu Practice GuiGen Qigong  Nov.   2005 

Students from International Department, Beijing TCM University Practice Knowing Qi by Needle  Oct.~ Dec, 2005 

Doctors and Tourists from Australia Practicing Guigen Qigong in Our Hospital  Sept. 20, 2005

Prof. Kenneth Lubowich' Group from USA Study Guigen Qigong with Dr. Xu  Sept. 9,  2005

Ms. Filippovo Irina from Russia Demonstrated Her Psychic Diagnosis and Healing  Aug., 1,  2005 

Qigong Practitioner and Instructor,  Daryll Mithcell Study Guigen in Beijing   Jul., 5,  2005 

 Doctors and Massage Therapists Come from USA Attended the 10 Day'... Jun., 16, 2005

Guigen Qigong Healing Migraines, Ms. Lee Whamond’ experiences May, 18, 2005

Practitioners From Australia Visit Our  Clinic and Review Guigen With Dr. Xu   Apr, 30 , 2005  

Doctors from UK Practicing Guigen Qigong With Dr. Xu   Feb. 24, 2005

  History Events (2004)

Guigen Qigong Treats Back Pain and Its Action on Infrared Image  Dec. 26, 2004

Physical Therapists and Acupuncturists  from UK are Practice Guigen....  Oct., 14,  2004

Qigong Practitioners From Australia Practicing With Dr. Xu  Oct., 3, 2004

Dr. Gillardeaux Copette & Jean Robat from France Visit Qigong Department  Sept. 14,  2004  

Qigong Master Simon Blow with His Group Come to China Again  Sept. 12,  2004  

Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson' Students Were Practicing in Qigong Department  Sept. 2004  

Prof. Kenneth Lubowich' Group from USA Study Guigen Qigong for 10 Days  Sept. 2004

Doctors and Acupuncturists From New Mexico  Aug. 2004

Mr. Erik McWilliams Visits Guigen Qigong on His Way Home  July 6, 2004   

The Lectures given to the Students from University of Ohio  Jun. 2004

Prof. Kenneth Lubowich' Group from USA Study Guigen Qigong for 10 Days   Jun. 2004

Qigong Master, Simon Blow from Australia Practices  with Dr. Xu  May, 2004

Dr. Chow Visits Qigong Department, Xiyuan Hospital  May, 2004

Medical Group from UK Visits Qigong Department Apr, 2004

TCM College Students from UK Learn to Practice Guigen Mar. 2004

 History Events (2003, the year of SARS)

Japanese Members of Mekiki Association visit Guigen Qigong Nov. 2003

Physical Therapists  from UK Learn to Practice Guigen Qigong Oct. 2003

Dr. Khalid Al_mugbel, Ph.D. from Saudi Arabia Learned Guigen During SARS Time Apr, 2003

Dr. Suzanne Friedman Will Spread Guigen in U. S. A. Feb. 2003

Ms. Fia Hobbs Translated Guigen Qigong into Swedish   Feb. 2003

Doctors from UK Learn to Practice Guigen Qigong (2) Feb. 2003

 History Events (2002)

Doctors from UK Learn to Practice Guigen Qigong (1) Nov. 2002

A Normal Teaching Process (Dr. Dermot O'Connor from Ireland)  Nov. 2002

Students and Doctors from Spain Aug. 2002

Students and Doctors from Venezuela Aug. 2002

Anti-cancer Is In Action 

More Pictorial  Experiences 2002~1990s


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