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   Dr. Xu,

   The practice of the different routines during the program has seemed to me very good. The pace felt natural to me.

   The daily workouts at the bamboo park have made a great difference, and seem to have made it easy to absorb the teachings.

   The meditation have become easier as time has gone on.

   My impressions good and bad have been that it has been increasingly painful to sit on the stools for a long time. But easier to go beyond the pain.

   I have noticed a difference in the energy in the circle, when in the center the energy is more intense. Toward the door is more comfortable and deeper in the depth. Toward the windows seemed more irritating and harder to concentrate for me.

   Thursday morning my experience was the most intense I felt as I was suspended in the tide flowing in and out carried by the water, moving from the depths to the heavens

   The hour to me passed in a couple of moments. The pain of the stools was of little concern. The energy of the other students was sometime difficult. But over all I would not change the experience.

                              ----- Macen Mathews

Different  Qi

(How I Learned Not To Take That 

Which Does Not Belong To Me)

    Once I had 2 very wonderful experiences. I felt the Chi come off the bodies of my clients. The first was a healing chi that went into me and took away my pain. The second was a youthful and invigorating Chi that filled me with euphoria and made me feel delightful and giddy. My head swam in the drunkenness of delight.

    Then I had 2 very bad chi experiences. Two different times the chi came onto me and went inside. The chi was so old that it had become harmful and it made me feel sick in my head. Also my body was not right after wards. One time I saw my separate selves and it took a while before I could pull myself together. This made me incapable of making decisions and it made unstable and I cried a lot. My right and left side did not function properly while I did my work. So it was clear to me that exactly how good the other good chi experiences made me feel, are exactly how bad these bad experiences made me feel.

    The lesson is this: we cannot discriminate against good or bad. So you do not accept either. Make no judgements. Be only responsible for yourself.

    Everybody's chi is their own, it is not yours. You have your own chi. God has given us everything we need. We do not need to take it from others. What is ours, is ours. What is theirs, is theirs. Do not accept when some one gives you chi.

                    ------ Astrid Chisholm, U. S. A.

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