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   Guigen Qigong or Guigen Gong is created by Dr. Xu Hongtao, which is based on his decades of clinical practice, teaching and researches. It is composed of one set of exercises for holistic adjustment and several sets of specialized exercises for different chronic diseases in different systems. Its theory and practicing methods is mainly originating from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the regimen philosophy of Taoist. Through two weeks of intensified training and practice, students can reinforce their energy system, improve their health condition and get very satisfactory achievements. Students are doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, tourists, government officials and patients with chronic diseases, who come from different regions and countries around the world.

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    The picture shows that Dr. Xu was teaching Guigen Qigong in one of the universities in Sat.Paul, Brazilin 1995.  


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