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1. Strengthened My Qi System

   Master Xu,

   Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to study Qigong with you. I feel that to study something it is important to go to the source, which for Qigong is China.

You have helped me to organize my Qi. I have never felt better as greater Qi than I have in you class under yours direction. Now I am a little bit closer to understanding universal intelligence. I will continue to practice and hopefully will be able to help others.


A student   (from U. S. A.)



  2. Far Beyond Anything I Imagined

   Master Xu,

   The experience of this week has been far beyond anything I expected or imagined. It was a great privilege to be a student of yours, and just a true pleasure to be in your presence. I hope we can see you again soon!!

You are a great man!

A student    (from U. S. A.)




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